How To Develop Your Career As A Social Worker

Social workers are trained professionals with a wide range of important skillsets obtained from the nature of their work. In the United Kingdom, it’s important for professional Social Workers to have a BA and/or master’s degree in social work. After receiving proper qualifications, there are many things that social workers can do to develop their career further.

Ways To Develop Your Career As A Social Worker

Aim For The Next Level

Social workers should be aware of the options available to them on their career ladder and focus on what they can do next. After passing four pre-qualification levels, they will be designated a newly-qualified social worker (ASYE). The PCF (Professional Capabilities Framework) specifies that social workers should develop into experienced social workers, advanced social workers and finally, strategic social workers. At the strategic level, social workers will be involved in planning and leadership roles. It is important to continuously improving their skills and development as more senior management roles require significant experience and expertise.

Continue Training

Social workers should be up to date on the latest industry information and skills. This is essential to provide quality care to people who need their services. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is important to allow social workers advancements in their career. CPD involves a combination of informal and formal training sessions, that include independent reading, courses, and lectures. Training should support career growth and overcome any challenge due to lack of skills, which allows social workers to be prepared for the challenges they face in their career.

Expand To Other Sectors

If social workers can perform well in multiple sectors, this will improve their job security and personal satisfaction. Workers are more likely to find a field they thrive in if they have experience in supporting people across sectors, such as educational welfare, mental health, senior care, and many others. If social workers are facing stagnation in their career, branching out to other sectors could provide more opportunities for future growth. They can find work in the NHS, non-profit organisations, and commercial businesses


Social workers who have some level of speciality are more likely to find success in roles that require expertise and increased responsibility. There are different paths of specialisation that social workers can choose in a sector. By being practitioners, social workers can focus on a higher level of expertise, which allows them to assume the roles of consultants or trouble-shooters. As educators, social workers can share their experience and skills to help junior workers. They could become college lecturers or instructors in training facilities. Highly experienced social workers may specialize on management tasks, which allow them to lead, manage and motivate a group of social workers.

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