What Should I Study To Become A Social Worker?

Social workers are committed to improving the well-being of others by helping them to cope with their physical, mental, and social challenges. They support both children and adults, while often protecting them from possible harm. At times, it is a challenging career, which necessitates rigorous education and training to become successful.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at what you should study to become a social worker:

BA Of Social Work

In the UK, a BA degree is the basic requirement for a professional and long-term career in the social work sector. Aspiring social workers may earn their BA degree in three years. In some circumstances, during the first year, students will study value, physical aspects, psychological aspects, issues, policies, context, and evidence-based approaches of social work. They will also learn about the basic skills of social work. In the second year, students enhance their skills, and they have the first opportunity to practice their skills in real-life settings. In their final year, students undergo longer practice placements to gain more experience and practical knowledge.

Master’s In Social Work

To obtain a Master’s degree in Social Work, students will usually undergo a two-year programme, which prepares social workers in preferred areas. A degree at this level is useful to gain refined specialised skills. Students are encouraged to use critical-thinking to apply specific approaches and knowledge in situations. During the learning process, students can share challenges and practical experiences as social workers. After earning their master’s degree, social workers may decide to refine their current methods and approaches to suit their areas and patients better.

Extra Programmes

A degree is only part of the career development available to the social care field. It is important for social workers to keep up to date with the most recent practice, research, and legislation. In England, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provides the basis of professional development. It sets out the practical knowledge and skills that social workers should have in their career, from pre-graduate level to strategic level. CPD helps social workers map out their career path.

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