How To Strengthen Your Social Care Team

Many individuals are facing challenges in life and social care teams are formed to help those in need. These teams may work for government agencies, non-profit organisations and hospitals. Social workers are committed to the advancement and well-being of others. Leaders can strengthen their social care team and help social workers become more effective through a wide range of strategies.

What can you do to help your team?

Maintain Organisation

Organisation is paramount in increasing productivity and efficiency. This is especially true when a team is facing restricted time limits and heavy burdens. Helping your team find improvements in workflow like using a reliable digital filing system and frequent note-taking can make social workers much more effective. By being organised, social workers can free up more of their time to assist individuals and look after themselves too!

Check In

Social care is a full time job and process. Things may not always go according to plan and social care teams often face setbacks. The team may need to do things differently to progress forward but by being committed and persistent, the social care team can continue to help serve the community. It is important to check in on your team too! Their welfare is important, particularly due to the difficulties of the job. Be sure to check in and make yourself available for their support.

Be Flexible

Social workers realise very quickly that they can’t always observe the typical 9-to-5 workdays. Social care teams often operate at the whims of the situation. Team managers should set a flexible work culture that allows social workers to have the comfort of taking breaks and rest periods when they need too, to allow them to continue responding to emergency situations as and when required. Still, it is important to help prevent social workers from overloading themselves- although they are compelled to provide assistance, it is imperative to avoid any mental and physical burnout themselves.

Offer Support

Supporting your team of Social Workers is a necessity to ensuring their continued service and health. Everyone needs the option to reach out for advice or an opinion at times. Make yourself available to your colleagues, and do not be afraid to ask questions or talk to someone yourself.

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