Pros And Cons of Being a Social Worker

It takes an emotionally strong and intelligent individual to thrive in the fast-growing social work field. It is a profession for those who don’t hesitate to face challenges, want to help people and make their community a better place. If you are considering a career in social work, there are some pros and cons you should consider.

Pros To Being A Social Worker

Many Job Opportunities

There are many job openings in the Social Care sector and it is rare that you will have to spend months looking for a job. There are still many challenging issues in the society that need to be addressed and social workers are needed to tackle these.

Versatile Careers

Career paths in social work are very versatile. Social workers can be freelancers, staff members of an agency, government employees, or strategic planners. Common social work roles are therapists, community health workers, teachers for special needs children, and caregivers for elderly people.


It takes plenty of skills and experience for social workers to perform better in this field. When doing their jobs, social workers will learn new skills, especially if they handle multiple related tasks.


By helping others, social workers may feel and be better. Many struggling people are affected by abuse, physical illnesses, addiction and poverty, so they need continuous support from social workers who are willing to help.

Contribute To Local Community

Social workers can have a direct and immense impact on their local communities. Their hard work may inspire other members in the society to contribute more.

Cons To Being A Social Worker

Taking Work Home With You

Sometimes, when social workers arrive home, they still need to be available to respond immediately during an emergency. There may also be instances where the troubles of your day come home with you. Learning how to cope with this and remembering to separate work and home life is an important skill.


Although still a well paid job, like many other positions that exist, professional social workers may be paid less compared to people in other career fields. A career in social work is more often about self-fulfilment, helping others and making a difference.

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