How Has The Social Work Industry Been Affected By COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected all fields, including the social work industry. People are experiencing physical, mental, and financial impacts of the ongoing outbreak and lockdown measures and this is taking a toll on workers everywhere. The social work industry has been significantly affected by COVID-19 and social workers are seeing many changes in the way they do their jobs and help others.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways that COVID-19 has affected the social work industry:

Increased Demand for Social Care

Caregiving services can be expensive, especially in urban areas. Many clients are facing financial issues and they are no longer able to provide caregiving services to loved ones. Social work agencies have been faced with increased demand due to a rise in social care emergencies and Local Authorities not having adequate numbers of staff to meet requirements.

More Focus On Disadvantaged Groups

Impacts of inequalities are being felt more during the pandemic, especially amongst minorities and people with long-term poverty issues. Social workers have needed to focus more on disadvantaged groups due to the impact of this. Plans for a caregiving process more focused on these groups will need to be actioned, to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable members in these communities. Social workers must also ensure that the aspirations and fears of these people are being represented.

Delayed Responses

Due to lockdown measures and personal concerns for health, social workers have been prevented and may also be reluctant to provide support in the same way they are used to giving. Social workers can end up feeling isolated during these hard times and it is important for them to ask for further support from local authorities when necessary. Authorities are pressed to provide more access for social workers to travel within high-risk areas to continue providing support for elderly people, disabled individuals, and those with serious health issues.

Low Morale

Like many of us, social workers may have been affected by low morale during the pandemic. Similarly to their counterparts in the healthcare system, caregiving staff and social workers are working increasingly hard and face feel being undervalued. Increased demands and difficulties in providing support can cause motivation issues among social workers. If social workers are already experiencing burnout and anxiety, the pandemic situation may further compound their issues. Support for colleagues and our Social Care staff is imperative at this time, to ensure their own health and safety and the care they provide for others remains on top.

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